Pineapple Park

Que the pineapple pen song because all day long that’s all I could sing while we were at Pineapple Park!

What is pineapple park?

As you drive up north of the island, you will see(i mean you really can’t miss it) This HUGE cartoony pineapple. As you enter the parking lot, all you see are pineapple things, trains with  pineapple on it, food stands serving dole whip so of course I was searching for something to give me an answer what in the hell is this place? Well, pineapple park is a place where you not only learn about pineapples but you can buy(which is why i went) pineapple wine! As you first enter the park you are lead to an automatic golf cart that takes you on a little tour through a field full of pineapples sprouting and a beautiful garden while you look around falling more in love with all of the beauty of this place you are told a little history on, yup you guessed it PINEAPPLES! At the end of your ride you have the chance to go and take pictures they have little paths that run along the road you were just on because honestly I wanted/did take pictures everywhere. When you’re done with all the selfies and snapchats you follow the park down to my favorite part the wine tasting! You have the options (which i didn’t know at the time) to try every different wine. I only tried 2 and was instantly in love with the pineapple wine. WHen you exit the wine room it leads straight to FOOD tasting. Pineapple flavored everything! I seriously could live in this place. The food tasting room leads to a fruit stand where you can purchase pineapples along with some other fruits, then you are lead into one last store where you can buy all of your pineapple merchandise which is everything from pineapple school supplies, socks, stuffed animals fancy trinkets and jewelry. The park itself is not very big but is very breathtaking and only cost 850 yen to enter


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