One year later <3

April 15, 2017 my best friend and I celebrated our one year marriage anniversary with close friends here in Okinawa. We enjoyed an amazing dinner and tiki drinks at a place call Sam’s by the Sea!

Sam’s by the Sea is a restaurant chain here on island and each location has a different theme. We chose the tiki themed location because Will and I both share a love for tiki culture and also had a tiki themed wedding! We even had custom tiki mugs made for our wedding favors 🙂 but back to this restaurant!

When I say our dinner was amazing, I mean AMAZING!!!  The meal starts off with a variety of bread, I mean who doesn’t love bread?! They give 3 rolls, I don’t even remember what kind 2 of them were because I was in shocked by the strawberry flavored roll with a sweet butter! Next up was a curry soup, and I am not a huge curry fan but Okinawa is sure making me fall in love with it. This soup was so flavorful with the perfect blend of spices. Following the curry was your main course which I chose the steak and coconut shrimp, BEST shrimp I’ve had!!! But your meal was not over!!! Dessert which was more like a show, we had a coconut, chocolate ice cream cake that they lit on fire!!!! IT was truly amazing. I highly recommend trying Sam’s out if you are ever in Okinawa! I can not wait to visit them all!


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