Little Greek Kitchen

Being in Okinawa, Ive learned so much about other foods and culture, which is something I did not expect a all! Being in okinawa I figured sushi and rice. Being here however, i’ve explored and experienced a few of the endless hidden cafe gems each with something unique about them, different decor, heritage or an amazing dish they are known for.

This past week my friends and I went to this little place called Little Greek Kitchen. When you pull up to the parking area, all i thought was ok hole in the wall place. I have never heard of this place so I didn’t know what to expect. When you first walk in I noticed how tiny the place was, which took me by surprise because it is reservation only so I assumed bigger busy place. It was very quaint and only about 5 tables? We sat right by the door and if you look straight back you can see a little bit of the water and a balcony to go ot onto when done eating. The little greek kitchen is ran by the most generous and amazing woman, who happens to make everything herself. She started us off with a cucumber feta salad after we finished she brought us fried feta with figs, honey and nuts and not only was it mouth watering and the best thing i’ve ever tasted, as we devoured the plate she told us she makes her own feta, which made me love it even more! The next course was the big lunch which was a platter of chicken, lamb, muscles in a white sauce and I can not remember the name but it was like a quiche, spinach and feta inside a flakey light pastry type thing. Once you finished she brought out coffee with the cutest little cream and sugar ( you will learn i’m crazy for all tiny utensils) As we sat there and just obsessed over what we just ate taking everything in drinking our coffee she comes out with a dessert. Her homemade frozen yogurt on top of a homemade chocolate hazelnut cookie. I died and went to food heaven. Once you finished your meal you of course wanted to go outside on the patio and just take in the view. Truly breathtaking. I didn’t realize how amazing the view was until I went outside. Everything about this place was amazing and I will be bring Will when he returns!


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