Moody Foody

Being from San Diego, you can say I am a bit spoiled when it comes to mexican food, and moving to the island of Okinawa…JAPAN you can probably imagine the shock and withdraw my body went into with not being able to get my fix. Luckily after searching and trying a variety of what the okinawans call “tacos” i finally found a place called Tacos&Coffee and it wasn’t bad at all for being in Okinawa!


Other than the sushi go round places and cocos curry and ramen I have found that the big thing to do here is try the millions of cafes! I found a list with all the names and they seem to have  different themes or something unique so in between our meal preps and sweet lifting we are going to try a new cafe every weekend and get on those mad gainz that are carbs and coffee. Last week not only did we discover tacos and coffee but I found a place that served rainbow bagels with a sparkly strawberry spread. I felt like I was a eating a unicorn! Stay tuned for the next magical treat we may find!


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