Duke Silver

A month ago we added Mr. Duke Silver to our little family. Duke is the most loving, gentle and cuddly pup in the entire world. He turned 9 months old on the 7th and we could not be any luckier. I found him on one of the groups pages I follow here in Okinawa and when I saw his picture I fell in love instantly. Reading his bio which stated he was rehomed twice made me a bit nervous to pitch the news to Will that I needed to take this pup in and he needed to be part of our family. Luckily, it only took me about 5 minutes to convince Will and next thing I know I was messaging his current owner. Duke is one of 6 puppies that came from the owners dogs Amelia who is a boston terrier and Charles who is Shiba Inu so it was nice to know exactly where Duke came from and to meet his parents as well. We went over a day later to meet Duke and as soon as we walked in he ran right up to us and gave us so many puppy kisses and just clung on to Will, it was game over from there. Duke would be coming with us for his forever home. When we took him home we couldn’t notice how calm and well behaved he is for being only 8 months. He is potty trained, knows basic commands and loves and I mean loves to cuddle. Before we took Duke home I asked his owner why was he rehomed? He is so perfect and it was just mind boggling. I was told everyone wanted a puppy but didn’t want to put in the work to train him. However before duke left his parents he was already potty trained and knew how to sit. I mean yes he gets jolts of energy and wants to play but he is a puppy and that’s what they do but he is seriously the best puppy I’ve had, and i’ve grown up with plenty of different types of dogs and have a lot of not so easy ones. I look forward to many adventures with Duke and I cant wait for the rest of my family to meet him ❤


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