Adventures so far

Okinawa the largest island of the Ryukyu island chain.

We have been on island for about 4 months and we have yet to explore everything Okinawa has to offer. We visit American Village a lot, which is almost like an outdoor mall that has shops, restaurants, a ferris wheel, an arcade(but arcades are everywhere here) and its right on the beach. We have visited the aquarium that has really amazing whale sharks, a super depressing dolphin show and toilets you squat over. We randomly came across a magical place called Pineapple park and indulged in some dole whip. Ive stood at the very tip top of the island and admired the gorgeous views. Ive stepped in the warm waters of a few different beaches and learned that most of the sand is made up of broken coral and hurts to walk on. We have petted and fed hundreds of cats thats hang out on the tombs that are literally all over the island. We socialized with Will’s unit at the Marine Corps Ball, which is always fun because we both have to dress up and I even started driving more, because here it’s all opposite and even though I passed my driver’s test 4 months ago its still super freaking scary to drive here. Everyone here does not abide by the laws and and the laws they do have and listen to are just insane and make no sense!!!!

In the coming up months when I get back from the holidays if I don’t get there sooner, I plan on visiting Toguchi Beach which is the most iconic beach of Okinawa with its giant rocks and caves you can explore and climb for those breaktaking views. Along with all the castles!!! While we are stationed here I hope we get explore other countries and of course Tokyo Disneyland!!!!

One thing my husband and I love to do is just get into the car and cruise. I mean we are on an island we can’t get tooo lost.


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