“The Atomic Typhoon Lounge”

My husband and I are collectors of vintage furniture, car hoarders of anything pre 1972 and will always be in the mood to throw a record on and mix a tiki drink or two!

With that being said moving to Okinawa of course we had to leave our garage at home along with a lot of  valuable furnishings that we didn’t want to risk getting damaged on the big move over here. When we first arrived on island we stayed in a hotel for about a week before we were able to move into our lovely tower, apartment. When we walked in all you could see was white for days… White linoleum flooring and white walls, it was just blinding and awful not to mention every room has an awkwardly placed A/C unit that are quite big. While moving in we were told we couldn’t paint and could not make a hole bigger than a quarter. So being told that kind of put a damper on my whole “making your house a home” speech we were given at the welcoming brief I had to go to when I got on island if i was not able to really change anything. Luckily after searching all over the internet for a solution we discovered tempaint removable wallpaper and even though it got pricey and it was kind of a bitch to put on, it was well worth it. We were able to recreate our living room that we had back in San Diego.

As for the title “he Atomic Typhoon Lounge” I am a huge fan of naming things, all of my past cars have had names and back in San DIego my husband built a Tiki Bar in one of the spare rooms and we named it “The Back Alley Tiki Bar” and since we are in a new home we decided to go with “The Atomic Typhoon Lounge” Where the records are always spinning and the rum is always flowing.

Now that the living room is finally complete it’s time to finish the rest of the house. We have plans to make the dining room full on tiki bar, i’ll have my old hollywood glamour lady lair. The hallway will be covered in vintage movie posters and Will has his spare room that is sounding like it’s going to be a very hep man cage kind of place. As far as our bedroom goes its dead to me right now haha. So stay tuned for more pictures of what our creative minds will come up with as we continue to make our house a home.


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